S-AIRBAG intelligient protective airbag belt reduces fall fracture damage

2019-09-05 20:25:43 304


Fall death has become the NO.1 killer of people aged over 65

As China continues to enter an aging society, the number of elderly people over 65 in China has reached 150 million. According to World Health Organization statistics, elderly people over 65 years of age will have a 30% chance of falling, and more than 300,000 elderly people worldwide die directly from falling each year. According to calculations, 45 million elderly people fall in China every year. Not only that, more than 1 million hip fractures are added each year in China. The number of deaths caused by falls has become the first cause of death among people over 65 years of age.


New technology reduce the risk of hip fracture in the elderly

There are various reasons for the elderly to fall, including physical deterioration, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic diseases such as diabetes, and depression, etc. These reasons are difficult to prevent and control, but recently in the 14th China International Pension in 2019 , An assistive device and an artifact presented at the Rehabilitation Medical Expo provided the possibility to solve this problem.
  This anti-falling artifact for the elderly made people's eyes shine, brought the gospel to the majority of elderly compatriots, and was reported by many media such as Oriental Satellite TV and Guangdong New Focus.


This artifact is an elderly airbag belt developed by a technology company named S-AIRBAG. This intelligent protective belt is inspired by the airbag of a car. When the sensor inside the belt detects that the human body is leaning and falling quickly It will pop out a protective airbag to effectively protect the hip bone and reduce the damage to the hip bone caused by a fall. And the built-in positioning system will quickly send the location information of the fall to the mobile phone of the associated family members, and the family members can know the fall situation in time.


The company brings together entrepreneurs from the automotive, electronics, and IoT fields. The elders of two of the founders have experienced injuries, and the relatives of one founder still need siblings to take turns. They knew that the injury not only made it difficult for the elderly to take care of themselves, but also brought a heavy burden on the family. Therefore, the five young people began to adhere to the research and development of protection. After 4 years of hard work, the product successfully obtained several national patents , And will be available to the public in September this year.


Everyone will grow old, and every family will have old people now or in the future. It may not be a surprise in the lives of young people to accidentally fall, but this can be fatal to an old man, although we cannot stay with us all the time Beside them, but we have a responsibility to give them better protection.