S-AIRBAG participated in the 7th China Senior Care Design Award

2019-09-05 20:25:43 304

 The China Senior Care Design Award is a public senior care platform hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. It has been held for six consecutive years since 2012. It is currently the earliest in China, with the most entries and the most geographically involved regions. A wide range of competitions involving senior products. In order to further cope with the challenges of population aging and promote the development of the elderly care industry, starting from 2019, the competition will enrich its connotation on the basis of the traditions of the previous period, and will be renamed the "China Senior Care Design Award" Innovation and entrepreneurship to improve people's well-being.


S-Airbag is a high-tech enterprise founded by elites from automotive, electronics and IOT industry. With years of experience in AUTO airbag industry and the simple belief that most hip fractures could be prevented, we started this program in 2015 and registered our brand S-Airbag in 2018.

S-AIRBAG is engaged in providing intelligent proactive body protection solutions to seniors and high-risk applications.

       The latest lauched intelligent protective airbag belt product has obtained many national invention patents and certifications from many authoritative departments. The product is known as an anti-fall artifact to protect the safety of the seniors.

       The S-AIRBAG has now signed up for the design award and looks forward to receiving guidance and support from the organizing committee and government-led departments in June.