1. Is the device ready to use when I receive it?

Yes. You can use the device.They come with gas cylinders inside and fully charged. Please read our user guide carefully before using, follow the steps in the user guide to wear the device correctly and set the network operations.

2. Can I use the device for sport?

The algorithm is mainly designed for the seniors who are over 65 years old and have limited mobility problems.It's allowed for simple and not intense sports such as square dancing, jogging, walking, mountain climbing, etc. But it is not suitable for cycling, skiing and other intense sports.However,we will develop some protective products for sports in the future, please look forward to it.

3. Can I wear the device while sleeping?

Yes, but it may not feel comfortable. Our advice is to keep the device close to your bed and wear it when you wake up.

4.Can I use the device in the bathroom?

We strongly don't recommend to use the device while taking your bath. The device contains an electronic system inside that could be damaged by the water. Only the outside cover is washable. 

5.Can I wear the device under my clothes?

No, we advice you to wear the device at the outside, so that it can easily deploy the airbags when a fall is detectived.

6.Can I wash the device?

Yes but only the cover. You cannot wash the other part (which contains the electronic system). To remove it, please refer to the tutorial videos.

7.Can I reuse the device after an inflation?

Yes. You can reuse your device even if the airbag has been triggered ! You just need to fold the airbag inside the device and change new gas cylinders. You can refer to our tuturial video for detail guide.

8.Does the product can protect the hip bones?

Currently, the device is the best and direct solution to prevent hip fracture in the market. Our device absorbs 90% of the impact when the airbag is deployed, which is more effective than other traditional hip protectors.


9.Whether there is a risk of rebound after the airbag deployed and falls to the ground?

No,it won't.The airbag pressure of this product is the best value after precise calculation and numerous tests.It do its best to absorb 90% of the impact to avoid the risk of rebound and overbalance.We also do research according to different fall mode and human body shapes, so that the product can achieve the best protection and damping effect.


10.Is there a weight limit?

No.The device has five different sizes (T1-> T5), users can choose according to the size chart(If you have any questions please contact customer service before purchasing).One thing to note is that, if you are seriously overweight you will reduce the effectiveness of airbag protection.


11.Is there any other designs for the device cover?

While committed to protecting the seniors, we also attach great importance to senior's pursuit of beauty and fashion.Our designers will try to meet different aesthetic needs with more diversified designs. Please keep follow our trends.


12.Is there any age limit for users?

This device is mainly for seniors who have mobility problems and are over 65 years old.This device is designed to protect the hip and pelvis. If you have mobility problems,please consult our online customer service to choose the products.


13.How long can i use it after charging?

The battery is 5,000 milliamps.Except for sleeping time, it can work normally for 2 days with a single charge. When the display shows a red signal,it means that the battery is low, please recharge.

14.Can I wear this belt to take buses, subways, high-speed trains or airplanes?

Yes, it is ok for taking the bus,subways and high-speed trains.However, if you need to take the plane, be aware that the IATA regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods,it is clearly specified that passengers are allowed to carry no more than two compressed cylinders built into the life jackets, and no more than two spare gas cylinders.Almost all airlines in our country are members of the association.However, due to the different degree of implementation of each airline, it is strongly recommended that you consult the appropriate airline before boarding, explain the use of this product and your requirements.The airport security department and the airline will ultimately decide whether to accept your equipment on board.


After-sales service and warranty

1.Does the product have a warranty period?

Yes, the device has a two-year warranty. If you find any abnormality in the product, please contact our customer service or the authorized dealer from where you buy the device.


2.Can I return if the size is not suitable?

If the size is not suitable, please contact with the authorized dealer from where you buy the device.